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110 Chief Accountant's Administrative Business Online Briefing

For the faculty and staff who need education and study hours, please change to the school's website. Before October 31, 2021, complete the courses and quizzes of the 110-year chief administrative business online briefing meeting with a score of 60 points or more. Then 4 hours of education and study hours will be approved.

Course 1 - Introduction to the related system of expense reporting (videoattachment)

Course 2 - Process and form introduction from plan approval to final report(videoattachment)

Course 3 - Introduction to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' price creation plan and the Executive Yuan Council of Agriculture plan(videoattachment)

Course 4 - Ministry of Education Subsidies and Regulations on Reporting Expenses for Commissions(videoattachment)

Course 5 - Explanation of relevant regulations such as foreign travel expenses and original document(videoattachment)

Course 6 - Introduction to the error state of the original certificate(videoattachment)

Course 7 - Closing assignments for subsidies from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Institutes of Health(videoattachment)

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