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Director Office.

Director Office

  • Accounting policies and procedures play an important role in the financial management of a university. They shall be administered efficiently and effectively to fulfill the objectives designated for the development of school affairs.
  • Herefore, accounting staffers should work not only to enhance their internal verification of accounting procedures for accuracy in order to avoid any improper spending or corruption, but also to enhance their budgetary management to raise the operational efficiency and effectiveness of financial resources.
  • We should also work to provide customer-oriented accounting services with emphasis on coordination and communication to facilitate the development of school affairs and the achievement of school missions.





Wang, Ming-Jou



  • Taking charge of affairs concerning school fiscal budgeting, accounting and statisticsng the final budget report.



Senior Administrative Officer

Hu, Mei-Lian



  • Reviewing documents from all divisions before submission to the Comptroller.
  • Responsible for personnel management.
  • Working on proposals for the administration of accounting and financial affairs.



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